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Dr. Dianne Smith, MD

"My 2012 Holsteiner/Hanoverian stud colt owes his health and possibly his life to the work of Amanda Kroeker at ARK Nutrition. His dam tends to drop her foals early, and "Everest" was just barely mature enough to survive. He spent the first 10 days of his life at the vet clinic, in part because the mare had also leaked her colostrum and he required a plasma transfusion to replace what his immune system lacked. Once he was home, we had to supplement with foal milk pellets because the mare only has one teat and couln't supply all of the milk that he needed. He didn't like the taste, so we added other types of pellets to help him tolerate it, but unfortunately these gave him diarrhea which lasted for weeks. It wasn't until Amanda got involved and designed a feed program suitable for his stage of development that we were able to get his diarrhea under control.

After that, Everest began growing and developing beautifully on Amanda's program, which compensated easily for the fact his mare couldn't produce enough milk. There was one additional setback at 2 months, when we learned his immune system wasn't quite up to par yet. The other horses in the barn, including my filly a month younger, developed no worse than a cold when a virus went through the barn, but for Everest it turned into pneumonia. He went back to the vet clinic for treatment, and after recovering from that illness he's never looked back.

At 20 months of age, Everest is now a strapping young stallion. He's already 15h3", and thanks to Amanda's nutritional program, his baby playfulness has been all it takes for him to develop more muscle than I've seen on 3 and 4-year-old show horses. With Amanda's ongoing nuritional guidance, I look forward to watching Everest meet his potential as a high-level show jumper.

Although none of my other horses have faced the same types of obstacles as my stud colt, I have Amanda work with all of them on a regular basis as well. The colt's dam, "Trinity," has rebounded quickly after each foal, and was in the ribbons at Spruce Meadows again at the age of 19 after foaling 2 years in a row. Both of my hunter/jumper geldings are fitter than they ever were before Amanda started designing their feed programs, and they maintained their muscle and fitness beautifully when I gave them a winter break this year.

My Quarter Horse, who was a career brood mare until starting under saddle at age 9, also enjoys being on Amanda's program. Cinnamon's glossy coat and easy muscle development are quite different than what I'm used to seeing in career brood mares. Cinnamon always nurses her foals very well, usually at the expense of her own condition; but thanks to Amanda's program, her 2012 Warmblood/Quarter Horse filly grew beatifully without Cinnamon's body paying the price. Since weaning, her filly "Eireann" has continued to grow into a beautiful young lady, and had already outgrown her dam by 18 months of age. Thanks to her steady, healthy growth, Eireann never went through the usual gangly ugly yearling stage, but instead looked like a small horse every step of the way.

Before we met Amanda, I thought I was doing a good job of selecting feed for each of my horses, but after seeing the difference in their fitness and health with Amanda designing their feed programs, I can't imagine going back to my guesswork approach. The horses and I are all grateful to have her on our team!"


Everest 8 days Everest under 5 months-3 Everest 11 months

8 days old

5 months old

11 months old

Everest 18 months Everest age 2 Everest 3 years

18 months old

2 years old

3 years old


Dr. Brenda E. Abbey

(Owner/Breeder of Alberta Racing Thoroughbreds)

"Amanda is an expert in understanding the nutritional needs of my racehorses who are indeed Equine Athletes, as they are asked to perform at a top level. Through her educational nutritional presentations, Amanda is able to communicate to Equine owners the WHY and HOW of her Equine supplement formulations."

Win 1 th


Carla Strembicke

Carla and Capp-2014

Carla and Cappuccino

I have been around horses my entire life and if there is anything I have been overwhelmed by it has been nutrition: more importantly what should I feed my horse. There are so many products out there, with twice as many opinions, which are mostly supported by fiction and not science. I managed to maintain my horses' health with the feed programs they were on, but was never 100% confident with what I was feeding, as nutrition was a big black vortex of the unknown to me.

I then bought a horse that decided to question everything I thought I knew about nutrition. It did not matter what I fed this horse I was never getting ahead. He would not gain muscle, had no topline despite that I was riding 45-60 minutes 5-6 days a week religiously. His feed program was fairly intense (competition program) but was not as successful as I envisioned. His coat was dull, he had a sweat odor that was slightly offensive, outbreaks of scratches year round, lack of energy and overall just a dull personality despite all that I was doing. I went to the extent of getting blood drawn and getting a vet to do a work up 2 years in a row to figure out what was going on, but they found nothing obvious.

One day someone recommended Amanda (ARK) and mentioned she could do miracles with her nutrition program. I, being the consummate skeptic, was like "right", but at the same time will try anything in the name of "my pony". She came to do her thing and as I talked to her I totally picked up what she was laying down. It was based on science and not on popular opinion. Her passion and enthusiasm for her craft and the care she spent with the animals told me that this individual wasn't here to do a job but rather to make a difference.

I took her program, applied it religiously and in 3 months I noticed a difference in my horse's energy and personality. My horse was maintaining his energy in the competition and instead of being dull in personality, appeared more engaged in his surroundings and became more cheeky in his interaction. His scratches all but disappeared without any special treatment and he didn't have a foul odor anymore when he would sweat. A year later I have not missed a feeding and have a totally different horse. His body composition is completely different in that he now looks like a competition horse and not a pasture pony. We have maintained an aggressive show schedule and have been able to move up in divisions without injury or any extra maintenance. He begins the show and ends the show with the same amount of energy if not more. I am so happy with the results, I don't have enough words to express my appreciation.

I have now applied ARK nutrition to the rest of my horses and have seen amazing results in the herd's overall health and condition.

Amanda has been a wonderful professional to work with and truly has the best interest of the animal's health and their overall performance in whatever they are doing as her priority. Her enthusiasm is truly a joy to witness and work with, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to commit to the program to see their animal improve." 


Lauren Birchall 

"I grew up on an acreage where the classic line was "feed a good hay and oats and your horse will do well." I always questioned this oldschool "cowboy thought" but didn't know enough about equine nutrition to suggest anything else. Nutrition was scary and everyone has a different opinion on what is right or wrong so it is very hard to make calculated decisions on what is best for your horse!

5 years ago I purchased a beautiful Andalusian, not knowing the kind of health issues he would come with. He was very hot when I purchased him, his glands were always swollen and he had horrible reactions to all sorts of feeds and hay. He would cough and wheeze to the point where I would have to get off of him because he was having so much trouble breathing. I saw vet after vet, respiratory specialists, osteopaths and also explored holistic medicines trying to help him. I received Amanda's name from a friend and decided to contact her. She came out and analyzed my boy and had science to back up everything she was saying to me. At first it was very overwhelming but I decided that it couldn't hurt to try her program. We switched Sebastian's hay and she formulated a ration program for him that had all his essential nutrients in it. After about 1 month of being on her program, his respiratory issues almost disappeared and after 1 year of being on the program he is doing better than ever.

My dad also purchased a Shire weanling who came with his own set of issues. Danny could not put on weight. We were free feeding him hay, stuffing him full of all sorts of "goodies" trying to get some weight on him. He looked like a skeleton and very unhealthy and unhappy. He was grumpy and mean. When I suggested to my Dad that we put Danny on Amanda's program, he was very skeptical being a small town farm boy. He humoured me and after about 3 months of being on Amanda's program, Danny started to look like a normal horse. He is now 3 years old, 18h3" and happy as can be. He has filled out to be a beauiful horse thanks to Amanda. My dad is now a firm believer in Amanda's program and we have since put the rest of our herd on her program.

Thanks Amanda!" 

Danny Aug 2014  Danny June 2015 - small 
 2 years old 3 years old 

Lauren and Dante

Lauren and Dante at a show. Dante is also on the ARK Nutrition Program.


Deb Laderoute 

Deb Laderoute with Driving EquiProducts

Deb and her team at the World Equestrian Games (2010)

"Hi Amanda;

I wanted to express how satisfied I am with the nutritional assessment and subsequent ration balancing that you provided my high performance FEI combined driving horses. The science behind your evaluation helps to explain the choices you recommend and therefore makes it easier to understand the formula for feeding. It is imperative to adjust rations for quality of hay, environmental conditions and level of campaigning, your program makes this managable for the average horse owner to the more advanced competitor.

My horses have been on your program for 5 years, using your EquiSynergy minerals and following the ration balancing which gave me immediate and long standing results. The competition recovery times were considerably shortened, the energy levels were constant, and they were always happy to work, even under the most grueling conditions and heat. The horses were kept more sound with little to no health issues, including any colic, during very demanding campaigning for qualifying and subsequent participation in the World Equestrian Games. I am confident that the sound feeding principles that were applied throughout and continue to be utilized, continue to have a profound effect on the health and welfare of my special equine friends."


Kathy Rezansoff

"Based on a very positive recommendation from a fellow cattle penner, I contacted Amanda Kroeker from ARK Nutrition. It was a real pleasure to get to know Amanda and I was very impressed with her knowledge of horse nutrition/health and her professionalism. Her initial evaluation of my 3 mares was thorough and insightful. She recognized the signs of past trauma with great accuracy, along with whether my girls were recovering on their own or not.

During her initial evaluation, Amanda was able to categorize their current level of nutrition and was able to build a unique ration for each of my mares based on their current level of health, body condition and expected competition requirements and schedule. The ration included, among other ingredients, a combination of vitamins and minerals specially developed by Amanda (ARK Nutrition) called EquiSynergy. Over the next year, my mares have stayed strong and healthy and have actually excelled in their individual disciplines.

Amanda assessed my horses again as winter was fast approaching. Our goal was to build a winter ration that would maintain as much of their physical conditioning as possible, along with meeting their nuritional needs through the winter months. The end result being they come out of winter in the best condition they can to start their training for the new year.

One of my mares will take exception to this description but I would not describe her as a competition horse. She spent her summer taking my teenage daughter anywhere and everywhere she wanted to go. This horse was a 'hunter/jumper, trail, gymkhana, vaulting and even basking in the sunshine, eating long grass, while my owner lounges around on my back or hangs on my neck, and just maybe sliding down my backside when she felt like it' kind of horse. These activities took a lot of stamina and strength to endure the many hours she spent a day making her rider happy. So you don't need to own a performance horse to see the benefits of what Amanda has to offer.

Throughout the year, I contacted Amanda many times to ask her for her opinion on various topics. These topics ranged from my horses' nutrition and exercise to her opinion on published articles and 'my friend said' type conversations. I felt she was always available for me to pass something by, and when I had concerns about my horses, she made time to pop by between her various other client appointments to take a look at my horses to make sure we were still on the right track.

It has been a pleasure working with Amanda and my horses couldn't be in better hands J"




 Kathy Resansoff - Lucy  Kathy Resansoff - Missy Kathy Resansoff - Tutti2 


Deb Rowland

"Holly Berry

After being diagnosed June 2012 with Severe Navicular and told to put Holly Berry on "palliative care", Holly and I were guided to Amanda Kroeker of ARK Nutrition.

Amanda's incredible knowledge of nutrition and understanding of what makes a horse "tick", in my opinion restored Holly's life. Her ability to put together a program specifically for the needs of your horse is an amazing thing to watch.

I was told never to ride, let alone compete on Holly again as she would be dead in a year. There is no doubt in my mind that Amanda's attention to detail, incredible knowledge, keen eye and pure love of her profession saved Holly and gave her back her life!

Have a look at the picture below! Calgary Stampede 2013. She is RIPPED! Giddy up Holly Berry!

Whatever you build in a horse, it must start from the base - Amanda gives that and more! From the bottom of my heart Amanda - Thank you."

Holly Berry

Chocolate Horse

DSC 9230