Optimum is a potent source of all-natural beta carotene. Beta carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A. It is extremely important for any stage of reproduction (stallions, breeding mares, and lactating mares).

Research shows that although pasture has high levels of beta carotene, the levels in hay drop significantly once it has been cut. Therefore, horses that are not on actively growing pasture year round will not be receiving appropriate amounts of beta carotene in their ration.

Supplementing with a natural source of beta carotene, that can be easily processed by your horse's digestive tract, is essential when dealing with any aspect of breeding.

Nutrient Profile and Feeding Rate for Optimum


      Natural source of beta carotene for efficient absorption.

      Pre-Breeding/Bred/Lactating Mares:

  • Increased ovulation rates
  • Increased likelihood of successful pregnancy (and reaching full term)
  • Increased beta carotene levels in colostrum of mare's milk at time of foaling
    • Very important that levels be high for the foal in its first few days of life
  • Sustained levels of beta carotene in the mare's milk throughout lactation
    • Important for the foal to grow and have a healthy immune system

      Breeding Stallions:

  • Increased sperm production
  • Improved sperm quality