Equine Nutrition Services

Carla and Capp-2014At ARK Nutrition, we appreciate the time and the resources you invest in your horses. Our goal is to maximize the performance and the health of your horse in order to achieve their full potential.


We first start by conducting a thorough nutrition assessment of your horse, which allows us to formulate nutritional guidelines that will achieve both the short term and long term goals specific to the needs of your horse or group of horses.


Nutrition Assessment

The assessment can be for one horse or a group of horses. We can work with you on how you would like the process to work, in order to for us accomplish your goal towards building a nutrition plan. After all the data is collected, a comprehensive four page report is emailed to you.

Physical Measurements: Body condition scoring, Locomotion, Weight, Height, Temperatures for knees, hocks, fetlocks, and coronets, Knee Circumference, Hoof condition, Vital signs, Muscle deposition, Fat deposition.

Manure Analysis (Hindgut Fermentation Analysis): Manure screening for particle size distribution (hindgut efficiency) and pH for hindgut condition (hindgut stability). 

Forage Analysis: Hay samples are collected using a hay probe and samples are submited to Feed Laboratory for chemical analysis.

Example Nutrition Assessment Report.


Nutrition Plan 

Our Nutritionist uses the data collected at the assessment to determine the metabolic requirements for your horse. If an assessment is not done, we will ask a series of questions to gather as much information as possible to target what your horse's metabolic requirements should be.  Data is entering into a formulation program and our Nutritionist sets the parameters in the program to achieve those metabolic requirements.  Specific feed ingredients are used to complement the hay and/or pasture and to meet metabolic requirements. 

Clients are provided with a feed chart, which includes feeding instructions with easy to use measurements. As well, there is a detailed nutritional profile of your horse's ration.

Once a nutrition plan is implemented, we track the horse's progress over the next 8 weeks to ensure the ration is consumed well and to enable us to make changes as the horse becomes more efficient at using their feed.

Example Nutrition Plan.

If you are interested in ARK Nutrition's services, please click on and fill out the Nutrition Agreement.


Nutrition Services - Frequently Asked Questions


Nutrition Workshops and Seminars

At ARK Nutrition we also offer nutrition workshops and seminars.  Our Nutritionist can customize the workshop or seminar to the specific requirements of your group or association. 


Here is what our clients have to say about ARK Nutrition...

"My 2012 Holsteiner/Hanoverian stud colt owes his health and possibly his life to the work of Amanda Kroeker at ARK Nutrition. His dam tends to drop her foals early, and "Everest" was just barely mature enough to survive... Everest began growing and developing beautifully on Amanda's program, which compensated for the fact his mare couldn't produce enough milk (having only one teat)... At 20 months of age, Everest is now a strapping young stallion. He's already 15h3", and thanks to Amanda's nutritional program, his baby playfulness has been all it takes for him to develop more muscle than I've often seen on 3 and 4-year-old show horses." Dr. Dianne Smith, MD

"Amanda is an expert in understanding the nutritional needs of my racehorses who are indeed Equine Athletes... Through her educational nutritional presentations, Amanda is able to communicate to Equine owners the WHY and HOW of her Equine supplement formulations." Dr. Brenda Abbey

"It did not matter what I fed this horse I was never getting ahead. He would not gain muscle, had no topline despite that I was riding 45-60 minutes 5-6 days a week religiously... One day someone recommended Amanda (ARK) and mentioned she could do miracles with her nutrition program... I took her program, applied it religiously and in 3 months I noticed a difference in my horse's energy and personality... A year later I have not missed a feeding and have a totally different horse. His body composition is completely different in that he now looks like a competition horse and not a pasture pony." Carla Strembicke

"The science behind your evaluation helps to explain the choices you recommend and therefore makes it easier to understand the formula for feeding... My high performance FEI combined driving horses have been on your program for 5 years using your EquiSynergy minerals and following the ration balancing which gave immediate and long standing results. The competition recovery times were considerably shortened, the energy levels were constant, and they were always happy to work, even under the most grueling conditions and heat... during very demanding campaigning for qualifying and subsequent participation in the 2010 World Equestrian games."  Deb Laderoute

"Her initial evaluation of my 3 mares was very thorough and insightful. During her initial evaluation, Amanda was able to categorize their current level of nutrition and was able to build a unique ration for each of my mares based on their current level of health, body condition and expected competition requirements and schedule. Over the next year, my mares have stayed strong and healthy and have actually excelled in their individual disciplines." Kathy Rezansoff

"After being diagnosed June 2012 with Severe Navicular and told to put Holly Berry on "palliative care"... I was told never to ride, let alone compete on Holly again as she would be dead in a year. There is no doubt in my mind that Amanda's attention to detail, incredible knowledge, keen eye and pure love of her profession saved Holly and gave her back her life!" Deb Rowland